Complete Spring 2020 Embroiderized Desktops Sampler

Complete Spring 2020 Embroiderized Dual Monitor

Desktops Sampler

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(A total of 54 slices including all of the below. ) in a single  113 MB zip file.
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Aurelia’s Wisteria

Boats In English Bay

Buntzen Lake [Q1030562]

Capilano River From The Bridge

Clock Tower Downtown

Coastal Peak

Ferns On Rock

Flamingo At The Zoo

Flowers At The Zoo

Fraser Shore In Ladner

Front Yard On Halloween

Gabriel’s Sprinkler Head



God’s Eye On Cordova

Grilling Burgers

Halloween 2018 [0906]

Halloween 2018 [0930]

Halloween 2018 [0947]

Halloween 2018 [0982]

Halloween 2018 [0991]

Halloween 2018 [1008]

Halloween 2018 [1034]

Halloween 2018 [1045]

Halloween Chicken

Halloween Leaves On 17th St W [0859]

Halloween Scarecrow

Halloweeny Ghouls

Hearse And Cargo

Hollow Log

Hospital Art

Kits Beach Parking Lot

Lintel In Gastown

Moon Behind Clouds

North Shore Slopes From Kits Beach

Partial Skyline

Pile Of Stuff

Pink Azaleas

Pink Bike Wheel

Rings On Concrete Block

Rising Ghoul

Seaforth Tank

Seasonal Lights

Slayers On Ripple Drive

Spirit Park [0032]

Spirit Park [0044]

Stairs Rails And Partial Vent On Ferry

Sun On Tree At St. Luke’s

Sunspot On Fence 2019

Tulips At Kennedy Heights

Vancouver Halloween From Pemberton Heights

Victory Square Cenotaph

Vine On Post

Water And Rock Horseshoe Bay

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Spring 2020 Embroiderized Dual Monitor Desktop Sampler