File Under:  Professional Ethics and a Life of Denial Behind Rose Coloured Glasses
Vocabulary: new, currently undictionaried
Curiosectomy: [ kyoor-ee-os-ek-tuh-mee ]
noun, plural cu-ri-os-ec-to-mies. Psycho Surgery.
1. the operation of inhibiting or excising a subject’s curiosity

Rose Coloured Glasses

Curiosectomy – Ensuring Compliance and Obedience
“An Alternate Perspective On Public Education”

Quote: “Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain.” -Robert Fulghum

By the time you are five you know everything necessary to survive.
It takes another 12 years to break a wild human soul.
Twelve years of showing up on time, leaving on time,
And sitting still at a desk for a predetermined time,
Eating at a designated time and space and requesting permission for bathroom breaks
To learn that what you accomplish during the servitude is irrelevant
Compared to the importance of punctuality and attendance.
Twelve years to condition a human spirit to submit to the demands of performing duties
As a civil servant and obedient citizen/worker.
It takes another 4 or more years of total submission to perform a Curiosectomy.
While all thought is controlled by occupying every living moment
Keeping the subject heavily stressed
With tasks designed to prevent any deviation
And to create total dependence/reliance on the dispenser of information.
Very similar to the methodology employed in, and known as, Stockholm Syndrome.
Successfully eradicating any inkling of challenging the studied school of thought.
By the time the conditioning is complete,
The subject will have a fear so strong
That it will not challenge any of the tenets of the philosophy.
To do so is akin to professional suicide
Resulting in immediate expulsion/ostracization and financial ruin,

Abandoning a lifetime of study for ridicule and exile.  (e.g., John M. Allegro)

Jonathon Kroeger, December, 2020

Inspired by:
All I Really Need To Know
I Learned In Kindergarten
by Robert Fulghum