Fall 2018 Embroiderized Desktop Sampler

Fall 2018 Embroiderized Dual Monitor Desktop Sampler

click [-HERE-] to download the Fall 2018 Sampler
(A total of 18 slices including all of the below. ) in a single  40 MB zip file.
Click a thumbnail to open full-size image in a new window.

[the Repository has been taken down by the gigabyte police.
I am currently working on finding new real estate.]

Burnaby Slopes

Canada Day Clouds 2018

Canada Day Dancer 2018

Cherry Blossoms In Kits

Davie At Burrard

Fox And Doughnut

Horseshoe Bay Terminal [0152]

Lauren’s Wedding [R0883]

Lauren’s Wedding [S0449]

March Hare, Georgia Swinton [0152]

Ninety Nine From Mark ‘s

Pipes On Flatbed

Pool Party At Don’s [0188]

Rainy Langdale Light

Random Roadscape

Richmond Roadscape [0871]

West End Window Project

White Rock Fishboat


This is the bottom of the Fall 2018 Embroiderized Dual Monitor Desktop Sampler

Links to survivors of the purge.
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Fall 2018 Embroiderized Dual Monitor Desktop Sampler


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