No More Covid!

No More Covid!

I’m OK with individual projected neurosis. 
Believe what you want.  Do what you want. 
Who knows, you might discover something accidentally while performing your ritual. 
But since when is mandated neurosis moral or just?  Or tolerable?  Or acceptable!

This media induced neurosis must come to an end!
It’s time to collect your thoughts and join in a big shout “No More Covid!” 
Call attention to the integrity of the tests and testing devices.
Challenge the efficacy of the vaccine.
Question the veracity of the virus itself!

Whatever the power struggle, whatever the demonic reason,
All this Sociopathic Love and Keeping Us Safe
Is busting the people of the world!

Brave and Free?  Who are you fooling?
Don’t be phobic.  What happened to “Fearless?”
Don’t be ascared of Boogey-Bugs, Boo!
Who are you?
Demand an end to the Neurosis.
End the Germ War!

And let’s get on with our lives without the restrictive intervention!
Goodbye Checkpoint Charlie.
Take back our ‘freedom’. 

Call your politician.

Dec. 31, 2020  “No More Covid!”  Anniversary Year 1