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THIS IS T REX not an actual 3D Animation.
I took this photograph way back in the 70’s when Marc Bolan was still alive and hadn’t died in a car crash yet.
Concert Date: October 21, 1974

This video is a 5 minute compilation of many of the other
links in this portfolio.

Paper Threading Demo For Paperchine Inc.
This video brochure was created using the original DOS-based 3D Studio (version 2.0) back in 1993. I’m pretty sure it was the first architectural 3D animation created in Vancouver to include green-screened actors. It was output to an S-Video master and dubbed to NTSC for distribution. Preliminary debris/flood mitigation design Designs by Judson Beaumont Animated characters for Worksafe Safety Education.
This loop was rendered in Mental Ray with video post highlights
this is a capture of an intro I did for the release copy of mFactory, a multimedia authoring system that was attempting to displace Director.
I built the Skytrain model for this video.
Design by Zbyszek Fedyczkowski
The Marexx was a conceptual project funded by Dr. Michelle Kraus and written by Alan Dean Foster…
I designed and built this bunk bed.
Just a loop of Red Text created using a splash of caustics, a dash of Voronoi and a pinch of gravity.
This flapping flag is a cloth test.
Cedarbrooke – 3 Building Complex
This segment was inserted into an existing video intended for Point-of-Sale displays.
I built and animated the wheeled equipment in this promotional video created by Paul Winterton at Cybereyes for a local heavy duty equipment supplier.


“Modeled in Autocad & ported to Max for colour/lighting and Animation.
more examples at www.woodproductsonlineexpo.com
direct link to double length infeed page”
Vari-Theatre’s proposal to the Northwest Arena Complex (GM Place, now Rogers Arena) to install a re-positionable drape system in the arena. Unfortunately the roof system was not designed to support the extra load. All Together Now
Stitched together bits and pieces.