Report: On Viruses – The Original CoVex Challenge

Report: OnViruses

The CoVex Challenge
Posted on a grey day late in May
File Under: Fictional Non-Fiction

I started assembling this report almost a month ago as a response to a couple of messages in my inbox, but it quickly became too unwieldy for a Thunderbird reply, so I ported it over here.  It’s a lot to take in.  A marathon in unfamiliar territory.  Are you ready to take the CoVex Challenge?  Is someone massaging your phobocavi?  Do you have the fortitude/stamina to complete the course?  Points deducted for unfollowed links.
This is not your typical boy meets girl narrative.  It’s closer to an examination of the old adage “why didn’t the chicken cross the road?”  A new slant (well, for most ‘educated’ individuals) on the recent CoVex.  The only way we are going to get out of this mess is to start cleaning it up.  Tighten the screws and batten the hatches, we’re in for some stormy seas.
I hope you enjoy the journey :)

Alternate Title:

In case you were wondering what just happened, it is quite likely that you, and the rest of the world, were just psychologically raped and irreparably traumatized by some invisible puppet masters, an army of easily identifiable “we were only doing what we believed was the right thing, following orders, just doing my job, I know nuh-sink” OCD rank and file accomplices (aka ‘front-line workers/heroes’) and an imaginary predator or ‘boogiebug’ with a sci-fi name.
It was so much fun!  Can we do it again?
Do you think they’re really gonna leave?
And even if they do, what do you think the odds are they’ll be back for more?
Brace yourself.

I can hardly wait for the next round of ‘Simon says‘!
Remember Round One?
Simon says “it’s OK to not be OK,  #alonetogether

Simon says “stay six feet apart and don’t joke about our revered SARS-CoV-2”
Simon says “go wash your hands and wait outside”
Simon says “follow the yellow rubber line”

Simon says “wear a mask, don’t breath in my space you filthy animal”
Simon says “no, you can’t go outside and play”
Simon says “install this tracker if you want to party
Simon says “roll up your sleeve and bend over, this won’t hurt”
What will Simon say next?
How about, “you’re city’s infested, for your safety you have to relocate to a quarantine camp outside the city limits.  Once the area has been thoroughly disinfected residents will be re-allowed access to their homes after they have been determined to be virus-free“?
Nah, Simon wouldn’t say that.  Would he? …

The information below requires a big-sea Change in most people’s belief system.  Big-sea, like oceanic or tidal wave magnitude, be prepared for a big-sea Colossal Change.
It will increase cognitive dissonance threat levels to “Mind Altering” and you will naturally dismiss it
without due consideration because it is contrary to popular assumptions.  It’s a natural reaction.  Just take a deep breath and keep going.  That being said, here goes the craziness, which really isn’t crazy at all, it requires rational thought and thinking, and leads to a logical conclusion.

So, let’s start with the conclusion.
It’s very simple, Viruses don’t exist.
And because they don’t exist they can’t be responsible for anything attributed to them and any strategies to combat them are nothing but philosophical dialogue, voodoo and high-tech witchcraft.  My apologies to shamen and sorceresses. What started out as a medical misconception has blossomed into a mega-billion dollar business of fear and lies.

If you aren’t experiencing a flood of dismissive thoughts and counter arguments right now you probably skipped over the last paragraph or you’ve already come to the realization that someone is lying to you.  It might not even be intentional.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Where have I heard that before?

Viruses don’t exist.  When have you heard that before?  Never?
Well, before a moment ago?

The reason I can confidently say that viruses don’t exist is very simple, there is no proof to support the theory.
You will find all kinds of “evidence” but none of it substantiates the claim that viruses are malicious, contagious, mutating non-living crystalline demi-life forms hellbent on taking down life as we know it.  It’s foregone assumptions leading to foregone conclusions.  In other words, old wives tales, except these wives are wearing lab coats and selling vaccinations.

Here’s an example of unwanted experimental outcomes:
“Perhaps the most interesting epidemiological studies conducted during the 1918–1919 pandemic were the human experiments conducted by the Public Health Service and the U.S. Navy under the supervision of Milton Rosenau on Gallops Island, the quarantine station in Boston Harbor, and on Angel Island, its counterpart in San Francisco. The experiment began with 100 volunteers from the Navy who had no history of influenza. Rosenau was the first to report on the experiments conducted at Gallops Island in November and December 1918.69 His first volunteers received first one strain and then several strains of Pfeiffer’s bacillus by spray and swab into their noses and throats and then into their eyes. When that procedure failed to produce disease, others were inoculated with mixtures of other organisms isolated from the throats and noses of influenza patients. Next, some volunteers received injections of blood from influenza patients. Finally, 13 of the volunteers were taken into an influenza ward and exposed to 10 influenza patients each. Each volunteer was to shake hands with each patient, to talk with him at close range, and to permit him to cough directly into his face. None of the volunteers in these experiments developed influenza. Rosenau was clearly puzzled, and he cautioned against drawing conclusions from negative results. He ended his article in JAMA with a telling acknowledgement: “We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.”

None of the volunteers in these experiments developed influenza.”  Sure, it’s only one study but after a hundred years of scientific endeavor the proof should be readily accessible and available for all to examine.

And yet if we check out our go-to on-line reference wikipedia the entire piece assumes the existence of viruses.  Included is the following statement: although Koch’s postulates could not be fulfilled for many of these infections, this did not stop the pioneer virologists from looking for viruses”.  Or Britannica which starts out with language like “first surmised” and transitions to “In fact, viruses should not even be considered organisms, in the strictest sense, because they are not free-living—i.e., they cannot reproduce and carry on metabolic processes without a host cell.” and continues with “Unlike true organisms, viruses cannot synthesize proteins, because they lack ribosomes (cell organelles) for the translation of viral messenger RNA”

That’s a lot of scientific talk.  Probably way too much for the average bear.  And still a long way from a “Proven Law”.

Know the Enemy.  Even if you will never see one.  Of course, by now you know what the COVID-19 virus, aka SARSCoV2, supposedly looks like.  Here’s what the internet thinks a COVID-19 virus looks like.  Don’t forget to press Play to see the entire partial roster.
Which is the cutest?  the cuddliest?
Which is the most ominous?  the creepiest?
Which one triggers the most intense fear response in you?
Which is the most accurate representation?  Take your pick, they’re all as imaginary as the virus itself!


So, if viruses are real, where’s the proof?
From Wikipedia:  History of virology
“The first evidence of the existence of viruses came from experiments with filters that had pores small enough to retain bacteria. In 1892, Dmitri Ivanovsky used one of these filters to show that sap from a diseased tobacco plant remained infectious to healthy tobacco plants despite having been filtered.
Tobacco mosaic virus was the first virus to be crystallized […] even though it was later shown some of his conclusions (in particular, that the crystals were pure protein, and assembled by autocatalysis) were incorrect.”

Belief is not proof.  Are you basing your unfounded fear on assumptions and assertions, or cranial flatulence, released from malnourished, cognitively challenged, mentally shackled, impressionable, adolescent minds defending their evolutionary waste-of-time ‘education/investment/indoctrination’?
Proof would establish that it was a virus that passed through their sieve.  Not some as yet to be discovered magical non-living crystals.  And not some by-product of an organic process.  Could we call kidney stones a virus?  Maybe a virus mega-colony.  They are composed of “crystalline materials” and who knows, they might even have detectable vibrations.
Blind faith is not an intelligent modus operandi or survival technique, especially when there are capitalists roaming the planet :)  (Thieves code of honour and all.  Honour among thieves vs professional ethics.  Now there’s another topic of discussion, but not today.)
And, evidence is not proof either.

When you start looking for proof you might run across sensational headlines like “A vaccine denier bet $100,000 the measles virus ‘doesn’t exist.’ He lost.“.
But the headline doesn’t tell the whole story.  And interestingly there is very little to find on the episode.  The incident was given the “silent treatment”.
Sometimes it’s just better to ignore a problem rather than give it wheels by shining a light on it.
(A google search for “stefan lanka challenge -“Sri Lanka”” produces less than 2 pages of relevant links before it starts finding ‘challenge’ by itself.)
In the search you will find articles similar to “The Vaccine Safety Challenge Is Beyond Stupid” where the content makes a lot of unscientific claims and concludes with:
“Anti-vaxxers like to do these kinds of stunts, but hopefully this will end like the last one. In that case, German anti-vaxxer Stefan Lanka was forced to pay €100,000 ($106,300 then) by a court after he made a similar bet. So if you want to take money from Mr. Kennedy, you have our blessings.
UPDATE: Mr. Lanka filed for appeal and won the appeal based on a technicality. He requested one study to prove that measles was a virus and the guy who took on the bet submitted several.  Mr. Lanka is also an AIDS denier.”

Now, that’s a biased story that dismisses the ruling, ending with a character assassinating ‘AIDS denier’ to ‘prove’ their point.  When the defense rests their case on character assassination, that’s not proof.  That’s a sign of someone who’s losing an argument.

Here is a wikipedia account of the €100,000 challenge by Dr. Stefan Lanka:

In November 2011 the anti-immunization activist Stefan Lanka guaranteed a prize of €100,000 for proof of the existence of the measles virus and the determination of its diameter.[3] Lanka claims the measles are basically a skin irritation caused by a mixture of psychosomatic triggers and poisoning.[4] Bardens contacted Lanka on 30 January 2012 for confirmation of the contest and eventually provided six publications as an answer to the questions.

Legal procedures began on 29 September 2013 when Lanka declared that he would not accept the papers as the desired proof. A first court session took place in April 2014 and ended with the court’s decision to halt procedures in order to support its judgement with the scientific expertise of Andreas Podbielsky, virologist at the University of Rostock. The case was continued in March 2015 and ended with the decision in support of Bardens’ claims.[5]

The court’s ruling received global press attention in the light of the present heavy campaigning of anti-vaccination protesters on web forums and in books. Bardens told the press weeks after the court’s ruling that he could no longer appear as a public speaker without the protection of bodyguards.[6]

Lanka eventually challenged the judgement.[7] The case was re-evaluated at the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) Stuttgart on 16 February 2016 where the original judgement was reversed. Although six scientific publications were submitted showing the existence of measles, they failed to meet the contest requirements as set by Lanka.[1] Bardens commented on the case in an extensive interview on 5 May 2016 and announced his decision to appeal to Germany’s Federal Court BGH. In December 2016 Bardens tried to get this ruling revised, but the court saw no reason for that.[8]
~ Measles virus is in question and nobody talks about it.  Hmmm.

On the quest for ‘proof that viruses exist‘ we run across no pages containing a shred of proof and many that discuss whether viruses are living or non-living life forms.  Who comes up with these topics of discussion?

No, viruses are not alive, Yes, viruses are alive
“it is hard to argue that a coherent phylogeny does or does not exist […] I would argue that the only satisfactory definition of life therefore lies in the most critical property of genetic heredity: independent evolution.”
~ “independent evolution”.  What is that?  Is that crystals that spontaneously congeal and come to life?  Like a Frankencrystal?  And, how does ‘independent evolution’ differ from ‘dependent evolution’?  Please forgive my ignorance for not knowing the difference!

This link is to Andrew Kaufman discussing how the “provers of COVID-19” manipulated the rules of proof and still couldn’t satisfy the criteria.  He concludes:

Rooster in the River of RatsRumors and Lies!

Hey Google, “How long do viruses survive outside a living organism?
Below are quotes taken from the search results on the first page:

“There is evidence that many highly lethal viruses lie in biotic reservoirs in remote areas, and epidemics are sometimes triggered when humans encroach on natural areas that may have been isolated for long time frames; this theory has been advanced for Ebola and HIV, which are thought to have resided in isolated African habitats for millennia.”
~ just mutatin’ and chillin’ in Africa for millenia until the perfect opportune moment to strike and wreak havoc

“There is not one answer to this question. The life of a virus (technically, viruses are not alive) depends on what type of virus it is, the conditions of the environment it is in, as well as the type of surface it is on.”
~ Pardon me?  How can we talk about the life of a non-living entity? but, well, we will anyway …

“the anthrax bacteria, can also form spores and survive tens to hundreds of years.”
~ But, the anthrax bacteria is not a virus, so, let’s stay on topic.

“Cold and flu virus-laden droplets may remain infectious for several hours”
~ “may remain” infers “we don’t know”

“Some cold viruses might survive up-to and even longer than seven days on hard surfaces. Others might be gone within a few hours.” […]  “flu viruses typically don’t last longer than 24 hours on hard surfaces. Flu viruses can only last up to 15 minutes on soft surfaces like tissues.”

“Viable coronavirus was and detected on plastic and stainless steel up to 72 hours after application.”
~ And how, exactly, is the virus determined to be viable?

“Flu viruses can survive in the air for several hours, especially at lower temperatures, and on hard surfaces they can survive and remain infectious for 24 hours.”

“In a 1982 study, influenza was found to remain contagious for up to 48 hours on hard plastic or stainless steel, while a 2008 publication decided that these viruses stayed infectious for up to three days on banknotes.
Though in actuality, influenza viruses may actually have a much shorter infectious lifespan then suggested. This is backed by the recent work of virologists at Public Health England. In a 2011 study, a team took two strains of Influenza A and analysed how long they remain infectious on a variety of household surfaces. After only nine hours, viruses with the capability to infect people were no longer found on most non-porous metal and plastic surfaces […] Although this research is thorough, it is still hard to truly decide on a number”
~ “viruses with the capability to infect people were no longer found”  How was that disability determined?  How is it determined that viruses are incapable of infecting people?  Is there an age test?  Do they perform autopsies on dead viruses?  Do they verify the virus is actually dead before commencing?  I sure hope so, otherwise the Society for Humane Treatment of Viruses (SHTV) is going to protest.
When “thorough research” is unable to determine a number, can the results be deemed thorough and scientific?  Sounds like a bunch of assumptions based on predetermined expectations and unpredictable results.  And what exactly do they mean when they say “it is still hard to truly decide on a number”.  Who makes the decision?  Shouldn’t the numbers speak for themselves?  ‘Pick and choose’ doesn’t sound very scientific to me.

~ From the linked article above:  “Our body’s immune system acts a defensive barrier which does a great job at killing viruses. On top of that, our skin has its own bacteria living on it which doesn’t harbour viruses well
~ So, remind me, what’s the point of hand-sanitizing?  And, out of curiosity, what good is an immune system if viruses don’t exist?

“In general, infectious viruses prefer the human body first, followed by hard surfaces at room temperature. The smallpox virus, for example, can easily live for months – even years – on a tabletop.”
~ so the non-living virus that can’t exist outside a living cell logically chooses hard surfaces as its’ second choice to lurk and hangout?

“It is one of the most common questions people are asking these days, but one that is not actually scientifically sound since viruses are not actually “living”.”
~ can someone explain to me how to kill something that is not actually “living”.  Does hand-sanitizer do that? or bleach?  Maybe hydrofluoric acid?  I heard someone say “
Alcohol”.  Oh really?  So if we increase our collective B.A.C. to twice the legal limit for, say, 48 continuous hours, 2 or 3 times a year, we should be able to achieve that elusive herd immunity.  But everybody’s got to do it, recovering alcoholics are not excused.  Door-to-door inebriation spot checks will be performed by our heroic front-line workers.  Don’t tell me it doesn’t work like that.  If it works on the outside, it should work on the inside too.  Or is it only methanol?  And it only affects surface viruses?  WHO mandated drunkenness.  When do we start?  Let’s go!  Par-ty, par-ty, par-tay!

~ Theories are not proof. We’re still trying to figure it out, let me re-iterate, better theories are not proof either.
Theories based on false assumptions can only lead to unprovable, false and possibly detrimental conclusions, and based on our current situation, a serious erosion of civil liberties:

“That’s the way science works – theory and ideas are endlessly challenged by data, new ideas and the results of experiments.
When there is a conflict between evidence and theory, a new, better theory results. […]
As the world’s oldest learned scientific society, the Royal Society, says in its motto:
Nullius in verba – ‘take nobody’s word for it’.
~Or, “on the word of no one”  (I had to do a search for the second definition)

~ It doesn’t appear that there is any consensus on “how long viruses survive outside a living organism”.  There are so many opinions it’s impossible to determine if any are valid.  Just choose one and you can be an expert.
I think maybe this time we should take the Royal Society’s Latin advice!

When I asked Google “methodology to determine the viability of a virus” this is what I found:  “Also in this case a relatively big gap between infectious and total particle numbers is observed. Generally, two reasons contribute to the difference between infectious and total virus counts: (i) cells produce particles resembling virus which are not infectious, either as a consequence of viral infection (i.e. Hepatitis B) or as a consequence of cellular physiological processes (i.e. exosomes); (ii) artefacts of preparation contribute to the gap: formation of aggregates will increase total particle count, while loss of infectivity may occur during preparation procedures.”  Apparently it’s difficult to differentiate exosomes from viruses and preparation procedures may influence infectivity but the methodology appears to be proprietary or something.
Once again, how do we determine the viability of an entity that doesn’t survive outside the host?
A promising approach to determine viral infectivity is the viability PCR (vPCR)“.  Right, mix it with a reagent then bombard it with light.

This is an aside, some microbiological mess I just stepped in, where the authors claim that using sound they can shatter microorganisms like a crystal glass and they flash these two graphics [One] [Two] (not looping front-to-back) as evidence, but it looks more like some natural process than microorganisms shattering like a crystal glass, if you ask me.  Take a whiff, that’s the distinctive odour of cranial flatulence.



And then in a following graphic [Three] they claim that we are witnessing the death of leukemia cells as they are bombarded with high frequency sound.  An animation was inserted to sell the shatter effect with a sequence that shows a theoretical cell sub-dividing into two same-size physical blobs from one and not shattering at all.  When was the last time you saw a crystal glass shatter into two crystal glasses?  I don’t believe that video actually depicts what they claim.  How do we even know we’re looking at leukemia cells?  Let alone microwaved leukemia cells?  Why are the sequences so short?  How did they isolate the leukemia cells?  What is the record rate vs playback rate of 6 fps?  What is the magnification?  It looks very similar to oily blobs in water, if you ask me.  And, whatever leukemia cells are, they are not viruses.


This is an unedited clip from a TEDx Talks video. It contains the frames cut from the above graphic. It also comes with a “NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. We’ve flagged this talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event, because it appears to fall outside TEDx’s content guidelines. Resonant Frequency Therapy has not been proven effective by scientific research.”


In the next graphic you can see healthy cells being attacked by smaller virus-like bacteria as they rally and swarm the host.

Sorry, in reality, I took the images, using a digital microscope, of air bubbles suspended in a photo magenta inkjet cartridge :)

I just did a Google image search for “virus entering cell” and all that comes up is one artist’s rendition after another.  Same scenario over at Youtube.  You’d think that those highly revered virologists would have all kinds of photos and movies proving their platform.  Where’s the pride in workmanship?  Apparently they’re too busy working on their theories to actually share those discoveries with the unwashed masses.  Pages of pure imagination, sketches, diagrams and computer animations supporting hypotheses and theories assumed as fact.

Well, there is this one image:

How Viruses Enter Animal Cells

and here’s the description that comes with it (the random arrow is a nice touch.  I added the red highlights.  Am I missing/misinterpreting something?):
Electron micrograph of virus entry. (A) Semliki Forest virus, a simple enveloped toga (alpha) virus, binds to the surface of baby hamster kidney (BHK-21) cells in large numbers. Some of the viruses are associated with microvilli, whereas others are localized in indentations that correspond to clathrin-coated pits (arrows). [Courtesy: J. Heuser and A. Helenius] (B) Semliki Forest virus particles in clathrin-coated vesicles. [Courtesy: J. Kartenbeck and A. Helenius] (C) SV40 particles (arrowheads) are internalized by tight-fitting caveolar vesicles and transported to caveosomes that contain multiple viruses. [Courtesy: J. Kartenbeck and A. Helenius] (D) The capsids of human hepatitis B viruses (arrowheads) pass through the NPCs in transit from the cytoplasm to the nucleoplasm. In the experiment illustrated in this micrograph, recombinant capsid-like particles were micro-injected into Xenopus oocytes, and their interaction with the nuclear pores visualized in electron micrograph sections. Rows of capsids lined up within the NPCs (arrows). [Courtesy: N. Pante and M. Kann]

~ Oh, and, this just in:
“About 5,500 of the hand-held DNA analyzers, called the Spartan Cube, have been shipped to federal & provincial health agencies since the company gained that approval from Health Canada.
The agency confirmed on Sunday there are now concerns over the devices, designed to give results within an hour, following a report published in the Journal de Montréal, which said the test was found to be less effective than expected.”
~ But no mention of any concerns over our purchase of 5,500 defective ghost detectors.  (rates ranging from US$5,000 to $10,000 per building per year).  Who’s in charge of “fiscal responsibility“?  Are we getting a refund?

Apr 12, 2020 – Ottawa-based Spartan Bioscience, which developed the Spartan Cube, … Alberta is spending $9.5 million to bring 250 Spartan Cubes and 100,000 testing kits to the province, while Ontario has purchased 900,000 testing kits.

Have you been tested?
COVID-19 Antibody Tests Can Be Wrong Half The Time, CDC Says
“These blood tests have significant margins of error and should not be used to make public health recommendations, the CDC said.”
~ 50% detection error on non-existent entities.  Not bad!  Sounds like the device is cursed with an over-active imagination.  Maybe they need to tweak the random number generator :)

And you thought the virus was under control.  Looks like it isn’t going anywhere soon.
Not if FEMA has its’ way.
My god, it’s not gonna stop until we’re all dead.  Aaaaaaaaa:
Shocking Draft FEMA Report Sees 200,000 COVID-19 Cases, 3,000 Deaths Daily By June 1

Quote from Jason Hommel’s interview with an anonymous epidemiologist:  An asymptomatic carrier and a false positive look exactly the same. No Symptoms. Tests positive.
And there is no second test that can tell the difference between the two.”
I haven’t heard any mention of “false negatives”.  I’m guessing you can only test ‘positive’ or ‘inconclusive’.  You are assumed to be positive, and even if the test fails, you are probably asymptomatic.  Well, by golly, prove me wrong!  Early research indicates that a common test for COVID-19 may produce “false negatives” up to 30 percent of the time.  Now that should evoke a lot of confidence in the illicit test.  Do you really think we should be putting these devices in the hands of hospital and border security?

More theories:  (last paragraph of Seneca’s post)
“On the English version of Wikipedia I came across an interesting theory why so many people died from this flu. According to this paper, which is available for free at, an overdose of aspirin can lead to hyperventilation and respiratory arrest, among other things. Starting in September 1918, starting in the military, the United States began to make recommendations to treat influenza with aspirin at doses now believed to be toxic. This is just prior to the months of most deaths. The reason why the mortality rate in children was lower can be explained by the fact that aspirin was not recommended for them.”

Thanks Seneca, but it doesn’t explain the annual Spike of Death:

Flatten the Curve, Raise the Base …
not so much
a curve to flatten
as a seasonal spike to ponder

Forgive me if this is crass, but people die.  That’s one thing people do.
But looking at the graph below it’s obvious that something is happening.
Oh, that must have been the undiscovered/undiagnosed/undected wascally COVID-16 at work (followed by the Gentle COVID-17 Twin Peaks of Death, the COVID-18 wimpy blip and the reinvigorated COVID-19).

Follow the link for up-to-date chart

European Mortality Monitoring Project

European mortality bulletin week 15, 2020

all-cause mortality

(comment above written before this second graph was published)
Below is the most recent hinky updated posting, 

European mortality bulletin week 19, 2020

all-cause mortality

Let me rephrase that to the hyper-invigorated COVID-19:

You see what they did there?  I’m sure there’s an explanation for the “bit more uncertain than usual” addition of at least 15,000 souls.  Something like ‘adjustments in death registrations’ or ‘data not integrated due to transitioning turmoil’.  It’s the fog of war I tell ya.  A check in the Wayback Machine shows a dramatic change in the website after week 15 (large image), the precise moment of the data ‘correction’, including a feature that prevents the graphs in the archive from displaying in my browser and a request to inform them if you note any errors.

If there is a seasonal spike in mortality and viruses don’t exist then there could be some other explanation, an avenue yet to be explored.  One where we aren’t barking up the wrong tree.  One that doesn’t require social distancing and all that comes with it.  One that doesn’t require mandatory vaccinations and an irrational fear of invisible replicating crystals that make you sick enough to die.  A rational explanation, as opposed to hysterical over-reactions to imaginary entities.
Not that this is rational, but maybe it’s a Sign of the Reaper and the Reaper’s agenda. The Reaper’s Annual Planetary Cleansing Event (RAPCE), a scheduled yearly event to rid the world of excess useless eaters.  Evidence of the Reaper’s Annual Spring Cleansing Drive (RASCD), sometimes he/she/it takes a break, gets behind and has to play catch-up.  I don’t know, I’m only guessing.

Once the crew establishes that the current course is not as plotted, a course adjustment is required.
And when the captain insists on arm-waving activities to ward off the evil spirits that set him off course it might be time to replace the captain.  Or minimum, challenge the methodology and intellectual integrity of the commander, and insist on a course correction that terminates at the intended destination.

Prayer to Normalize the Neuroses*
“Stay home and stay safe!”
Wash your hands incessantly.
Wear a mask and maintain your distance.
“Be AloneTogether, It’s OK to not be OK”
Sanitize the nation and it’s surroundings.
Boogiebugs is Everywhere.  Be Alert.
We need more lerts.

I can hardly wait to return to global warming.
All that ‘save the planet from plastic bags‘ effort erased in one fell swoop.
You don’t know what you have ’till it’s gone, right Greta? :)

Here’s what Brother George said about saving the planet and this is what he said about germs and trading your freedom for the illusion of security.

We could implicate the WHO.  After all, they have benefited by attaining global authority status and they are supported/controlled by Big Pharma who have a vested interest in the vaccination/immunization scams and other private interests such as the notable Bill “if we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%” Gates (Allegations from Italy).
But they’re just the vehicle for this current assault.  Who’s pulling WHO’s strings?
This COVID-19 Exercise (CoVex) is just another step in the erosion of civil liberties.  You know, like the ones you took for granted.  We have moved deeper into the Land of the Free, free to do what the government tells you to do.  In a democracy I believe it should be the other way around, but we need to be informed and not brainwash-terrified with nonsensical ideologies.
CoVex has all the earmarks of 911 and many other similar events.  The incessant deluge of propaganda is a tell-tale sign.  It satisfies all the conditions in the Big Lie.  Incessant repetition transitions from urban myth to fact of life.
Before we blame the commies or some bats in a cave, and accept germophobic/chiraptophobic behavior as normal, let’s establish the existence of “the purported enemy”, which apparently strikes and retreats, for some unknown reason.
Of course it retreats, it needs to regroup so it can mutate into a more virile/viral? state.
Thank you, Darwin!  Evolving, replicating crystals, just like snowflakes, no two the same, well maybe a whole bunch the same and then they simultaneously change.  Here’s another one for you, Charles, evolutionary viral hibernation (EVH), that’s the phase when viruses retreat on hard surfaces to mutate or did someone already make that up?
But seriously, why does it stop?  And where does it go when it’s gone?
Maybe they run out of steam.  Or they come in a wave, or an explosion, an evolutionary
 viral big bang, a bloom, with a short half-life, maybe they have a quota.

I know, they have a short memory and they forget their purpose and stop replicating, each species has a collective life span, or maybe they just give up.  Who knows?  Anybody?

As for our fearless and wise leaders, I’m wondering why, if they care so much about us, and if the deadly virus is so contagious that you can catch it putting your finger in your eye or just from it being in the air, why only facial diapers?  and not goggles?  Or fully-enclosed astronaut helmets with cleansed-air cylinders?  Lower class civilians could wear bandannas and swimming goggles.
Spoiler alert, sorry, that’s the next phase, cleansed-air tanks and cleansed-air tank stations.  Everywhere.  Get your hazmat suit now while you still can.  Available soon at abandoned gas stations and Starbucks across the nation.  (There are rumours that Bombardier has been awarded a contract to manufacture 25 million human-sized “sterile-environment” electric hamster balls in preparation for the next Coronavirus Wave.)

The historical democratic tenet of “separation of church and state” has morphed (mutated/evolved?) into “separation in church by state by third party authority“.  What we are currently experiencing is not only intervention of state into church, but also into every other human activity, including commerce, education, sports, entertainment, travel and actually any form of socializing.  (I didn’t have to say that, did I?)  Who’s choreographing and feeding these unthinking talking heads this scripted plandemic:  “diagnostics, treatments and vaccines”, oh my?

Here’s a link to a video titled “A Lesson on Logic with Tom Cowan, MD”.  In it he discusses the ludicrous process of determining the contagious nature of viruses.  His final observation is: Fear produces Exosomes.

I can’t prove that viruses don’t exist (maybe they do in some alternate universe) but a hundred years later virologists still seem to have a problem proving that viruses are contagious or even exist.

Otherwise the virus theory would not be a theory.  You are being played by puppets and stooges.
Sometimes players of the game have to rewrite the rules just to keep things fair.  All we have to do is insist that the rules we play by are logical.  Belief in imaginary invisible enemies is irrational, so is social distancing and every other neurotic CoVex edict.  Pay and play by the playground bullies OCD rules?  Or stand up and demand a rewrite, hold the leaders accountable for their decisions.  Your choice.  It’s a democracy, right?
Do not fear a conversation with a stranger.  (Unless they’re carrying a deadly weapon – viruses are neither deadly nor weapons, but they are imaginary).  It’s up to you to stop enabling and encouraging neurotic behaviour.  If we really needed a face mask for day to day life we would have been born with one.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.  That’s Evolution 101.  We can stop the neurotic behaviour.  OCD is a disorder, it’s in the name.  It’s not an endearing quirk or a Badge of Honour, Howie.  (And you, Howie, did you know, have the dubious distinction of having your namesake associated with this year’s novel neurosis, Howie Mandel Syndrome or HMS.  Congratulations, you have attained global notoriety and your name will be on the lips of all.  Well, not literally, that would be gross, eww!  BTW, no charge for the service.) …
If you notice someone twiddling your fearholes, just say “no”.  And if that doesn’t work, hit the mute button, go to another page or use the distancing technique, put your fingers in your ears and vocalize repeatedly “la-la la-la la” until the nuisance is out of range.  Let the (psychological) healing begin.

When science requires belief it’s not science!

Theories are not proof.  Theories require proof.  Until a theory is proven it is only an idea, a figment of imagination, a hypothesis.
There is a theory that swimming after eating gives you cramps.  But it was disproved, with hearsay stories and haphazard studies with vague results, but among commoners holding commonly held beliefs I believe it’s fairly safe to say there is a consensus that the theory is false.
And here’s a few examples from scientific sounding websources explaining why:
“We know now that really there is no scientific basis for that recommendation,” Dr. Boniface says. “You may end up with some stomach cramping or a muscle cramp, but this is not a dangerous activity to routinely enjoy.”
~ “We know now” take my word for it, I’m a doctor

An examination of the Royal Lifesaving Association’s Australian reports on drowning  over the past few years gives no mention of lives being lost after eating.”
~ the link to the reports is dead and they probably don’t mention lives lost after eating because they never made the tally

Side stitches — sudden, stabbing pains just below the ribcage that are scientifically known as exercise-related transient abdominal pains (ETAPs) — are more mysterious. There are a number of different explanations for how they’re caused, why they seem to happen disproportionately during exercise.
But again, there isn’t any data showing that ETAPs occur as a result of food and swimming specifically, and none of the hypothesized mechanisms would suggest that doing these things back-to-back would make them more likely.
~ “there isn’t any data showing” “none of the hypothesized mechanisms would suggest”.  Talk about conclusive!

Whether oxygen-deprivation stomach cramps are real or not is open to debate, as is whether they can be brought on by eating right before engaging in strenuous activity.
~ Not too much research done on the topic, still open to debate :)

~ Based on the above information we could rephrase the theory by saying ‘”you might experience an ETAP while swimming if you over-exert yourself, but you probably won’t die, as for ETAPs after eating , no comment, there isn’t any data”.  No money, no research.  Looks like it’s still a theory to me!  

~ According to Roger Highfield, “When there is a conflict between evidence and theory, a new, better theory results”  but based on the last 100 years of research, we don’t need a “better theory”.  We need an entirely different approach.  One that discards all the assumed premises of the failed experiments.  One that doesn’t depend on the sales and dispensation of magic potions/hi-tech injections.  It’s time to seriously challenge the rhetoric of the white coats.  I’m sorry for the news, Father Charles, but it’s not the bathwater, this time it’s the baby.

It’s time to revitalize the lost art of Critty Culthing King (CCK) or critical thinking.
Now is the time for Justin “masks prevent people from ‘speaking moistly'” Trudeau, I live in Canada, to step up and apologize, just admit you were confused and get on with it.  Have a chat with your buddies.  Be a leader and do the right thing, Justin!  There’s a branch of research that needs to be pruned.  It’s a simple snip and brain-flip.  The sooner the better, it’s having a detrimental effect on the colony.  The medical malpractioners/conmen must be exposed along with their lies of contagion.  We need more wisemen and less salesmen in the ranks.  And to all the celebrities out there, selling the fear, shame on you!  Abandon the masks and gloves, and don a thinking cap!  Not a latex skull cap and no, it doesn’t require a scrap of tinfoil.  Just a plain ol’ fashioned standard issue thinking cap.  Just like the one they confiscated/banished when you entered grade school.  Do you remember where you stashed it?  Can you find it again?  Does it still fit?

Speaking of brain-flips, this could be the most difficult step you have ever taken.  It’s only a crack in the sidewalk.  On one side there are people-killing viruses in the air and everywhere, on the other side viruses are imaginary, like rabid Lilliputians or rabbit-headed lions, and the air is fresh and life giving.  Only you can take that step.  It’s a crack!  In the sidewalk!  The sidewalk of life.

Due to the deafening volume of cognizant dissonance I must social-distance to avoid the deadly cacophonous vibrations emanating from the terrified throngs of individuals.
Keep drinking the pink Koolaid, if you like, I hear it’s alcohol and drug free (Arsenic and Mercury technically aren’t drugs, are they?).

Proof before fear, brothers and sisters, proof.
Viruses aren’t real.  Viruses are an idea.

There’s a brand new dance
It’s all across town
It’s the brain-flip, the brain-flip
Flippidy flip
It’s a real head trip
Can you do the brain-flip?
It isn’t hard to do
But it’s up to you to
Do the brain-flip

Now, are you ready for the big-sea?
(We’re already up the creek!)
Then show me your brain-flip and grab a paddle, pull up a seat at your station and
repeat after me:  “Viruses don’t exist, viruses are non-existent.”  And steel yourself for some patches of whitewater on the way to calmer seas.

Otherwise, good luck with that.  I’ll try not to cough in your coffee but it’s up to you to maintain your distance.  You don’t have to be a scaredy cat ascared-uh boogiebugs.  Boo!

As we approach the finish line, a couple more questions:
What are the real effects of this imaginary plague?
And why didn’t the chicken cross the road?  You tell me!

Remember … Vanessa the Virus says: “Only YOU can conquer your fears!”

And Freddie the Fungus says “It’s not OK to be OK to be not OK!  That’s enabling/encouraging/justifying unhealthy behaviour.  Totally unethical advice.  That’s a playground bully talking, pure bull-y talk, normalizing abuse.  If you aren’t OK you got a problem.  Ask any reputable doctor/shrink.

The numbers are flying fast and furious, and the real agenda may not reveal itself until it’s finalized, or not!  Was this ruse just a hilarious prank watching everyone cower and quiver in their domiciles while wearing face masks & latex gloves and repeatedly wiping down everything?  Or is there more to come?  Do you really want to find out?  Now that we’re in their clutches, do you think they will let go willingly?  It’s gonna be one crisis after another, but it can be stopped in it’s tracks, one brain-flip at a time.

Before I go, let’s have a shot of pink lemonade for the fallen,
And one more for the rogue.
That’s all I got.  I can’t do no more.  My brain is drained.
You made it this far.  It’s your turn

Later, crocodile.
Ponder the spike.
Nullius In Verba.

Cheers!  & Flippidy Flip!
Jonathon Kroeger, May 31, 2020
Inventor of the Covi-Dister


Thanks to the crew at Cluesforum for their relentless exploration/contributions [1] [2] [3]

*personality disorders typified by excessive anxiety or indecision and a degree of social or interpersonal maladjustment